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Janjehli valley which lies in mandi district of himachal pradesh. Geographically valley is located between middle himalyan rangeses from shikari devi to kandha the track is hilly and dissected topography almost having high peeks and deep valleys. The climate is one of important factor that directly and inderictly affact the valley. The temperatue of the valley is greatly governad by the altitude which falls generally ascent. Janjehli is about 2000meters above the see level. The higher elevetion above 3000meters remians snowbound for about 3 month dec, to feb in a year.
Conectivity - Janjehli is well conected from disrrict headquator MANDI, state headquator SHIMLA and NEW DELHI direct by bus. It is 85km from MANDI town towards south east direction by follow the NH 21 up to DADOUR and then state way no__ to reach the destination i.e janjehli. it is also connected from SUNDERNAGAR town by follw the same way.


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